2018 Is Peeping At You

Happy Friday Eagles!

2018 is peeping at you, and in a moment it will be staring you in the face. What do you want your 2018 to look like? Or better yet, what do you want to look like in the New Year? We have just a few more days left in this year, and it is important that we think about our vision and goals, but not only think about them; write them down. The Good Book says, “Write the vision, make it plain…” A vision statement is the outcome of your business, life, or organization. A vision expresses existence. If you completed all your goals, what will be the end results? Why does your business exist? What will be the outcome of changing your diet and exercise regime?
On the other hand, goals are beliefs and behaviors. What actions need to take place and what do you believe about those actions? These goals or behaviors are tied to your vision. If you keep working the actions, and if you keep believing, you will be growing closer and closer to your vision. So, we are forever moving toward the vision, but we do need to stop ever so often to measure our progress (we will touch on this in a later post).

Here is a small example.

Vision Statement for Health: I am firm, fit, and healthy in 2018.
*I drink eight glasses of water every day
*I exercise daily
*I increase my protein intake daily
*I include weight training in my exercise routine

This quote by Jake Gyllenhaal reminds me of vision and goal setting:

Don’t listen to what anybody says except the people who encourage you. If it’s what you want to do and it’s within yourself, then keep going and try to do it for the rest of your life.

Whatever we decide about our vision, we will always have to carry out the behavior or goals. Those behaviors can be tweaked to make more significant progress towards our vision.

I want to admonish you to settle down for a few days in 2017 and create vision and goals for your life on paper. Share a few ideas with me by leaving a comment on my blog. Don’t let 2018 sneak up on you without you already knowing what it will look like for you!

If one of your goals includes writing a book, publication, document, or blog, feel free to contact me at harriette.thompkins@outlook.com. Or message me on Facebook@eaglesedit. Let me know how I can help.

Have A Merry Christmas!

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