A Place of Refuge

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At my day job, I am an assistant principal.  I think that being an educator at any position is a calling.  I taught English Language Arts and Literature for fourteen years and I have seen a lot: both good and bad.  However, one of my major focuses is to make my school, my office, my surroundings a place of refuge for all who enter.  As a classroom teacher, and even now, as an assistant principal, sometimes I may be the first smile that a child sees all day.  Or a parent may be searching for relief and the school is able to point them in the right direction to receive it.  Maybe a teacher needs some empathy for a hard day at work.  I love to enter a parent conference where hard issues are tackled and everyone comes out laughing.  Atmosphere is everything.  In education, and maybe in most fields, the term culture is used.  

Have you thought about what type of culture or atmosphere you would like to create for your business, brand, or blog?  Funny, feminine, professional, savvy, casual, formal, relaxing, calm?   Whatever you choose, think about how you want that person to feel after interacting with your brand.  When they read your blog, what thoughts or ideas might they leave with?  I would like for my readers to feel that they have received something; I want them to be motivated to write and inspired to fulfill their dreams.  I would also like them to take an extra step and reach out for my help with their writing or editing.  I want them to know that I can help take the tediousness out of their writing projects by assisting with editing and I want them to know that I am also there with them as they strike out to begin their writing journey.

Going back to my day job; my students feel cared for and they know I have a genuine concern for their well-being and their future.  My school is consistent in providing a place of refuge for students:  care, a hot meal, order and structure, instruction, and guidance are what they can expect daily.

What will your reader, customer, audience expect from you?

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