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When hiring Eagles Mount Editing, you can trust that your work will be honored and treated with precision and care. Once you receive a quote, and agree that we should take care of you, an invoice will be emailed to you and your completed work will be returned upon payment. We offer two types of services: proofreading and copy editing.

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Harriette Thompkins

Owner/Chief Editor

For as long as I can remember, I have loved words on a page and I have enjoyed creating the written word. In grade school, the section in the Riverside Spelling Book called Let's Write drew my anticipation. After quickly completing all of the spelling exercises, I could not wait to create my next fascinating story.

Many people have a fascinating story to create, but sometimes they are not sure how to start or who to turn to for help. Some may fear they are unable to communicate clearly, or they are concerned about making grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. There is a hesitation, especially when it comes to writing for an audience. So they don't try, or they procrastinate and make excuses. Most importantly, some people are not aware of how writing can be utilized as a tool or platform to help them reach their dreams.

I propose that giving up on telling your story is not the answer, but gathering the necessary tools, education, and looking to the right person for assistance is the answer. Through my business and my blog, Eagles Mount Editing, it is my passion to equip any willing person with what they need to tell their story and reach their dreams. I would like to help allay the writing fears of those who have a dream to reach an audience through their work. Through the writing strategies, inspiration, and motivation presented on my blog, once timid writers, will stand as firm and confident authors of their dreams. And through my professional editing services which authors entrust their works, their audiences will receive a clear message of inspiration.

My experience with writing and editing include English Language Arts and AP Language and Composition teacher for 16 years, a professional reader for Educational Testing Services for 6 years.  My credentials include a B.A. degree in English and an M.S. in Secondary Education. I also hold an ED.S. in Educational Leadership.  I have completed an editing certification program at Lawson State College and I am a member of ACES.

I am currently working as an Assistant Principal at Birmingham City Schools, in Birmingham, AL, while pursuing my business in writing (editing and ghostwriting).
In my personal life, I spend time with my nieces and nephews and I enjoy crafting and baking.
I look forward to rendering to you a personal and professional service right before you publish the next special venture.  So engage with Eagles Mount editing on the journey to fulfill your dreams. Write your way to your dreams by following my blogs on Twitter@eaglesdit, Facebook@eaglesedit, and Instagram@eaglesedit. Tips on writing, inspiration, motivation are posted weekly. Right before you publish your great work, hire Eagles Mount Editing for proofreading or copyediting services. To find out more about services and pricing, visit www.eaglesmountediting.com. If you are looking for a speaker on the subject of writing, goal setting, and building your brand through writing, contact me at harriette.thompkins@outlook.com.



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