Many people are using the term affirmations for what I call confessions. I think they could virtually be the same. I have confessions about my personal life, my finances, my business, and my job. These confessions help me stay on track with my goals and they also help build my self-confidence and renew my mind. I have heard people compare the brain to a computer; it has to be programmed and reprogrammed and reprogrammed. I consider the reprogramming as the changing of a bad habit, and the forming of a good habit. We all have something that we want to change about ourselves. Confessions help keep those beliefs, ideas, and good habits at the forefront of our minds. I often think about the rabbis who where phylacteries. The phylacteries actually contain Bible passages written on parchment paper. The phylacteries are little black boxes tied to the front of the rabbis head. These serve as constant reminders of the Word of God and are worn during morning prayers.

Confessions produce a change in our lives and they can be a driving force to create our future. It is a good idea to take some time to create your confessions. Some of my confessions contain scriptures, and some of them are specific to what I want to see on my job, in my business, and in my personal life. I love colored paper, colored dry erase markers, and dry erase boards. I have a dry erase board posted on the wall next to my bathroom door and I have colorful post-its on my bathroom mirror. Your confessions can be where you want them, but don’t forget to look at them and give them a voice. Look forward to the change that they will produce in your heart and mind and eventually in your actions.

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