When making hard decisions, I looked to anchors for reminders of where I came from and how far I have come. In education, teachers use anchor charts to remind students of a particular skill or concept. As teachers give instruction on the concept, they refer to the anchor chart, which is usually a visual poster that students can see and/or touch. My anchors are pictures of my grandmother and mother (both deceased), my most likely to succeed picture from my high school yearbook, and my Bible.
Both my grandmother and mother always made me feel that I could do anything. Failure was never an option. I can still feel the power and push that they instilled in me even now as an adult. I remember my grandmother looking at me in my eyes with patience and love helping me to learn my letters, my colors, and my address, all before I started school.  My mother was my backbone, giving me a stern look in situations where I may have wanted to give up.  My high school yearbook picture is a reminder that I am a success, then and now, even when there are times that I may not feel this way. My Bible is a gem of wisdom. I can always turn to it for advice and comfort. Anchors are important to reach your goals:
*Anchors remind you of who you are and what you will become.
*Anchors give you advice and support.
*Be sure to identify who and what they are.
*Choose something that reminds you of success you have once had.
*Choose someone who encourages you and gives you the push you need to follow through.
What are your anchors? What or who do you turn to in times of difficulty or in the midst of tough decisions? Please feel free to share.

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