April Is A Great Time to Review Our Goals

Hey Eagles!

I hope your Monday is treating you well. I wanted to take a little time today and talk about reviewing your goals. It’s April, and by May’s end, we’ll be six months away from 2019. The year is taking wings and flying by. But where is that vision board that you made at that the vision board party back in January or February? If it has been thrown in a closet, it’s time to get it out and shake off the dust. Or what about that specific goal sheet that you wrote on pink paper? If it’s buried under papers on your desk, pull it out. I am spending time in April to reflect on my goals, regroup, and add to my goals.


Have you taken the time to reflect on what you have accomplished so far?  Writing in a journal to reflect on your goals is a good way just to see where you are now. You can also see how far you have to go.  Writing to reflect will allow you to think deeply.


It’s ok to regroup. Refocusing on your goals and even deciding to adjust your goals will serve you well in the end.  Maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.  Or maybe you want to refine a goal that  is to vague.

Add to your goals

I decided to write a book. This is a huge additional goal. You may not decide to write a book, but maybe there is something that you thought about lately that will make you feel accomplished. No one will judge you for adding to your goals. But be careful not to run into overwhelm.

So if you want this year to be different than any other year, set eyes on your goals, and reflect, regroup, and decide if you would like to make additional goals.  See you next Monday!


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