April Showers Brings May Flowers

We have gotten a boatload of rain in April! But the rain always reminds me of the saying from grade school, “April showers, brings May flowers.” If you’re growing a garden whether flowers, or fruits and vegetables, some planting has to go on before a harvest can be produced. What seeds are you planting in April that could spring up a harvest in May or June?
Summer before last, I had a great garden. It was a pot garden: three huge pots of heirloom tomatoes. They were planted sometime in April, but I didn’t get to eat from them until end of June, first of July. I watered the garden daily, and when I left for a week to read for Educational Testing Services in Kansas City, my sister had to babysit my plants. I called every day to see if she had made it over to water the plants. She didn’t make it every day, but the poor plants got SOME watering. I was surprised that they produced so many beautiful and tasty heirloom tomatoes.
But last year my little pot garden struggled. I planted too late, and the weather seemed to not line up with my plans for another crop of colorful and tasty heirlooms. They seemed to have gotten too much water and not enough sun. The disappointing garden may have produced only five or six good tomatoes, and an unwanted critter chomped into a couple of the yellow heirlooms for a midnight snack.
When we plant in the right conditions, at the right time and nurture our seeds, we are bound to get a harvest. It’s funny how things work because the harvest is not always in our control, nor are the conditions. But the seed planting is up to us. Time, energy, and effort on our part will yield fruit for our business, brand, or blog.
In April, I am planting seeds for my first webinar, which may be ready by May or June. I am also steady planting seeds to finish my book. I have to sew seeds of planning and writing, or I will never see a harvest of any kind. How great will the harvest be? Or how long will it take? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I have to keep planting, nurturing, and believing.
If you have some seed planting to do, let’s get to it! If you’re planting seeds, keep planting, and nurturing. Your harvest time is coming!

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