Authentically You

SOL Dance at Villager Yoga in Mountain Break, a See Jane Write event, provided me with a great release of positive energy to create this day 17 blog for #bloglikecrazy. The SOL Dance experience is dancing in the dark with only a small glow in the dark circle to help you keep your place. It may sound creepy to some, but it is a soul experience. What did this dancing in the dark do for me, besides help me burn I ton of calories? It allowed me to come outside of myself. No one could laugh at me or judge me by the way I danced. My natural self surfaced, and I felt freedom.
We should consider living this way. We should live our lives authentically in every way. Believe it or not, people can tell when you are not authentic. There is a vibe that you feel when someone is not themselves. Live honestly, work honestly. If you are living a lie, the truth will always surface. Guess what? If there is a client or customer who can’t accept you or what you have to offer, then it’s OK. If you don’t like WalMart, you can always shop at Target, they both seem to make pretty good sales.
Freedom means accepting me and living without fear. I am a nerd. I will always be just that. I sit in the front (also because I am short). I take notes. I am usually early or right on time. I don’t watch much T.V. I read and write and sometimes listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I dance off beat: that is another reason why I am glad the lights were off. I am also kindhearted, supportive, and giving. Accepting me also means accepting my flaws and working on my weaknesses. We are not perfect, but we are striving for better every day. At times I am guarded, and maybe too guarded, and I can tend to be introverted. Sometimes my feathers ruffle too quickly ( I am praying on this one now).
If you dance to beat of your music; you will live on and thrive on in your authenticity. If you need assistance with being sure that your authentic voice is reigning in your writing, reach out to me to edit your work at

By Harriette

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