Beware of Holiday Stress

How do you avoid holiday stress? Just as I sat down to write this blog, one of my BFF’s called with the news that she would have to pick-up her son, stationed in Georgia, six hours away, on the day before Thanksgiving. Of course, she had planned to cook most of her sides for Thanksgiving dinner on this day, but now plans have changed. So, me, working my resourcefulness, helped her create a plan to get her meal prepared, in spite of the joyful, but surprising news and be as stress-free as possible.

It is the holidays, but I have over a million and one things that I need to do, and a few things that I want to do. I decided to do what is most important to me. Currently, I have an editing project due on Sunday, so I have set hours aside each day to work on that. I have an editing course to complete by December 8th; this had to be penned in, too. Along with my coach’s homework, and plans and goals to set for next year, the list seems to be growing. Most importantly, though, is to make time for friends and family. ┬áMy sister and I will be baking sweet potato pies together on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will eat Thanksgiving dinner with my aunts and cousins. With this extensive list, I had to cut something out that I traditionally do every year: Live Black Friday shopping. I am making it my business to shop online. I have already started snatching up a few deals from Penney’s. I have made my peace with this, and it may save me a little money (considering that I recently had to purchase a washer). So the boots that my friend Chrys and I usually go scurrying off for at Belk, by midnight, will have to wait until Cyber Monday, or I am sure I can find a great deal after Christmas, too. I am so thankful that I renewed my Amazon Prime membership this year.

If you have to cut something out this year, to let something else in, or if you need to prioritize and say no, believe me, it is worth it. Enjoying the holidays, rather than stressing is entirely worth it.

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