Creating A Great Antagonist

My niece, Laila.

Happy Friday Eagles!

Take a mental note:  I’m moving the blog to Monday’s as an effort to draw more interest.  I am actually writing this blog in Good Friday service (it hasn’t started yet, lol!).  Before the close of March, I wanted send out one last blog about writing.

Don’t forget about the development of your characters, especially the antagonist.  The antagonist is usually the bad guy or the villain.  I fell in love with Killmonger, the villain in Black Panther.  He was almost likable, but was evil enough to make you want him to lose.  Well, in your book or novel, you do want the antagonist to be human, but not necessarily likable.  The antagonist should be seen with his/her own human flaws.  Maybe there is a reason for the characters bad behavior.  Maybe the antagonist was once good, but now has turned bad because of bad break in life.

Sitting here in church (ten minutes before service), I think of Jesus, the protagonist in the Bible and Satan the antagonist.  Satan was once good, but allowed greed and jealousy to overtake him.

So as you develop your characters, don’t forget to make them real in every aspect.

My nonfiction writers may not have have a protagonist, but be sure to make all situations real in applicable.

Happy Writing!

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  1. I always like the use of indirect characterization when the antagonist is being introduced in a story. Well done my friend.

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