Creating A List Can Become A Small Stepping Stone to Accomplishing Big Rock Goals

Have you ever heard the phrase her mind is like a fish?  As a child, I didn’t know what it meant, but I finally figured it out in my thirties.  My mind goes, quickly, from one task to another, all before the first task is done.  So, it flops around like a fish.  So I find solace in self-discipline and a list, as to rid myself of frustration.  My aunt introduced me to list when I first started driving.  She would give me a list of groceries to pick-up because she knew, without the list, I would forget something.  The convenience of creating a list and following it has several benefits:

  • A list prevents you from wasting time.
  • A list helps you to accomplish your intentions.
  • A list increases your productivity.
  • A list keeps a daily vision before your eyes.
  • A list saves money.

A thirty-minute trip to the grocery store without a list can turn into two hours, plus you will overspend your budget.

You may intend to meet a weight loss goal, or a work-related goal, or something at home, for instance, painting the kitchen a different color.  There are steps between the intention and the goal.  A few of those steps may include an old strategy:  creating a daily list.  Well, what good is the list, if you never refer to it?  When I create a list, and don’t review it, I miss something, or I let something go.  I procrastinate.  Reviewing the list and the tangible action of marking through, or placing a check mark next to the accomplished tasks, illuminates the soul.  You begin to see evidence of moving closer to your goals.

Lists equal data, and data equals results, good or bad.  If you didn’t complete a task, move it to the next day, but you will yield significant results if you create a SMART list of tasks that you know you will complete within the day.  You usually associate the acronym SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound) with SMART goals.

The small, daily activity of creating a SMART list, will give you the motivation you need to reach your goals.  Small stones, leap by leap, lead to achieving big rock goals, and eventually conquering your mountain of dreams.

by Harriette Thompkins


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