Don’t Let A Dream Die

Do all that you can to support your dream. Never let your dream have DNR status. Think of all the reasons why your dream should live? Why are you passionate about your vision? What do you need to give it fuel? What people should you include for assistance, influence, and accountability? The following are a few ideas to keep your dream alive and well:

*Re-visit your original why?
*Identify what your vision needs to survive. What was relevant then, may not be applicable now.
*Identify the people in your circle of influence.
*Avoid sharing with dream killers and stay away from them at all cost.
*Seek out a mentor or coach.
*Surround yourself with others that do what you do. Look for meetups and join organizations that relate to what you do.

This past summer I had plenty of time to relax, reflect, and read (I did a lot of cheat reading by listening to books on Audible while walking). The book that has had the most impact on my life is John C. Maxwell’s No Limits: Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity. This book inspired me to pursue a life without limits. I realized that there were so many areas in my that could use a resurrection. The book caused me to reflect on practical ideas to support my dreams. It also made me aware of how much we need others. I decided to make it my business to reach out to mentors or coaches in the areas I would like to grow in.  I am also in the process of joining organizations and following others on social media who are doing what I do.

Relax, reflect, and read (cheat read if you have to) and give your dream the necessary support it needs to survive.

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