Focus: Overcome the Distractions

Push through distractions, wade through obstacles, and FOCUS and STAY FOCUSED.  I will never forget when my late mother recognized distractions sucking me in.  While sitting at the computer, she entered the small front room in our two bedroom bungalow (she added one other room in hopes I would stick around after undergrad, NOT), and spoke with a spirit of gut wrenching conviction, as if God, Himself, was speaking through her, “STAY FOCUSED, STAY FOCUSED, STAY FOCUSED!”  At that moment, time seemed to have paused and my life reloaded.  I knew I had to take action, or the dreams and the goals I planned to accomplish would become crowded out in my heart.  Wayside relationships, incidents, and events tend to turn us from the path we intended.  I can still hear my mother’s voice, and see her face, her eyes; and I can still feel the moment, in these days and these times when my heart leads me down a distracted path.

Refocus.  For those dreams and goals that have become dim, foggy, and unclear, take steps today and everyday to create a plain path and a clear vision.  Let go of relationships that are not adding value to your life.

  • Don’t allow incidents to slow you down indefinitely.
  • Life happens to us all. We have to learn to become flexible, and patient with ourselves.
  • We can use events to our advantage, whether special or unexpected. Well, and sometimes we just have to say NO.

If at one time you identified your dreams, your goals, and your vision, it is okay to revisit and/or revise what you have started.  Do not allow guilt, the loss of time, your age, or circumstances to defy your plan of action to start again.

by Harriette Thompkins


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  1. Words spoken of a true go getter your mother, my aunt. I whole hearty agree, therefore I see I need to revisit and revise the dreams I have let fall by the way side. I will continue to over come the distractions.

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