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On tonight, I attended a WordPress Meetup to learn how to manage my website. Kathy Drewien, a Birmingham WordPress coach, taught the group on plug-ins. Held at the Forge in The Pizitz building, the atmosphere informal, she coached on what plug-ins we need, and which ones we could toss. Security, spam handlers, and forms are plug-ins that you might want to have around. I learned that a plug-in is similar to an app. You have to communicate to it your preferences, and also you have to tell it to talk to other programs and plug-ins in WordPress. In education, when doing a formative assessment, we ask the students are you a five, four, three, two, or one. Five fingers mean I understand, and I can teach someone else. Four fingers mean I really understand. Three fingers mean I just need to make sure I get it. Two fingers mean I get it a little, I may need some help. One finger means I don’t have a clue. I went as a two, but I came out a four.

Learning is something I love. We never stop learning. Education is the best way to increase your knowledge about your endeavor. Look for learning opportunities throughout your city. I found this opportunity in MeetUp. MeetUp allows you to connect with people, communities, and movements who are doing what you do.
The next WordPress Meetup Birmingham will be in January. Date, place, and time are T.B.A. Come out if you are interested in creating a better website or blog.

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By Harriette Thompkins

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