Freewriting: A Great Way to Start Your Next Writing Project

Freewriting is writing free. While freewriting there is no concern with grammar, punctuation, style, or organization; your thoughts are free to flow. It is putting pen to the paper. Your ideas will flow without constraint: with no worries. Once you begin, you will reach your stride. When freewriting, I imagine a cloud; a light and floating feeling.

It is always great to find a comfortable, creative space (read my blog on creative spaces and a nice writing pen to begin your freewriting. If you need to doodle, along the way, you are free to do so. The goal of freewriting is to pen your thoughts on paper when you might not have many thoughts at all. Some people are great at starting their writing projects with an outline. However, you may have an idea, but you are not quite sure how to start. The freewriting will lead the way in giving you ideas on how to start, how to end, and everything in between. Freewriting is such a useful tool that you can always use it again throughout your writing project, especially when writer’s block occurs. When you are floating down to earth from your freewriting journey, it will be easy to create an outline or mind map to begin your writing project.

So take a little time to start with freewriting, you will be surprised where it takes you!  Right before you reach your final publishing destination, consider Eagles Mount Editing for proofreading and editing services (

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