Goodbye #Bloglikecrazy2017: Hello Eagles

For the entire the month of November, I launched Eagles Mount Editing through #bloglikecrazy. It has been a rewarding experience. Now that #bloglikecrazy ends today, on tomorrow I will begin posting a weekly blog. My blogs will focus on reaching your dreams through writing, writing tips, inspirational messages, stories about my life, and branding.
I worked out a few things to complete a weekly blog. I started with creating topics. It is important to define my topics so that I keep an idea in my head concerning what I want and need to blog about. My coach and I brainstormed a few topics that I will focus on, leaving room for events, activities, and experiences. These topics should also coincide with my world-view and manifesto.

Keeping a schedule is also important to blogging. With #bloglikecrazy keeping a schedule was extremely hard for me. Posting every day kept me on my toes. I couldn’t miss the post, but I posted late (like tonight) because I was unable to batch post or create posts a day or so ahead of time. With my weekly blog, the plan is to create the blog on Tuesday and keep a content calendar, just in case ideas, thoughts, and experiences help me create a blog outside of Tuesday. So though I have a scheduled day, I may create content anytime, but it’s safe to categorize that content to stick to the continuity of my world-view.

I want to thank my eagles for reading my post and leaving likes and comments. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Hopefully, some of you will participate by blogging in #bloglikecrazy 2018. ¬†Look for my blogs on Friday’s.


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