Halfway There: Six Months In and Six Months to Go

We are at the halfway point. How are your goals coming? As I reflect on January and all of the wonderful things I set out to do, I am proud to say that I am plucking away at them little by little. Here is a list of what I have accomplished so far, but I still have a big list that hasn’t peaked, just yet. And why? oh, why? just around March, I added more to my list!

*Completed my first webinar.
*I am consistently exercising and have toned up a bit and lost inches.
*I have attended plenty of professional development for my educational career and have learned how to receive PD from Twitter, Podcasts, and Voxer.
*I have spent some time with friends face-to-face and by phone.
*I actually have a true vacation planned (not around PD or working with Educational Testing Services), but a real Girl’s Trip.
*I have experienced two book launches of books that I edited this year.
*I started a fictional novel about bullying.

Celebrating your accomplishments is a great way to move forward in the rest of the year. Although, there may be some goals that we need to recommit to, or even revise or re-establish, don’t be too hard on yourself and forget to celebrate how far you have made it. There’s no turning back or giving up at this point. Here are a few ways to keep pushing:

*Celebrate your accomplishments—-have a massage, a bubble bath, a night out with friends. Think of ways to be celebratory for chopping away at your goals a little at a time.

*Review your goals. Which ones need more strategizing? How can you add more effort to get them done by years end? Or choose a few that will give you a sense of accomplishment to keep pushing.

*If you’re not where you want to be at this juncture, DO NOT BEAT UP ON YOURSELF. Don’t be afraid to start afresh with your goals. You still have half a year left. Be encouraging to yourself, just as a friend would be encouraging to you.

Well, God’s Blessing to You and Have a Happy Rest of the Year! It’s not over yet.

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