Hear Your Dream Before You See It

From the Bible, “…for there is the sound of abundance of rain” (1 Kings 18:41) is a phrase that has come to me a lot lately. When you are working towards your dreams, it is essential to have faith and remain faithful. ¬†Elijah the prophet could hear the sound of rain before anyone could see it. At this time there had been no rain or dew. After Elijah heard the rain (him being the only one who could hear it) he told his servant to go look for it. It wasn’t until the seventh time that he saw a cloud as small as a hand. Finally, the rainstorm arrived.

Sometimes we are a little perturbed when things don’t happen as fast as we think they should. Keep putting in the work because the dreams that you hear in your heart are already here in your spirit. Keep waiting and working until the end of your expectation. Even if what you see at first is small, just know the rainstorm is coming. People don’t always hear the sound of the dream in your heart until they see the rainstorm. As the dreamer, you must see and hear when others don’t.

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