Heavy Hitters

The Propel: Activate Women’s Conference, in Atlanta, GA, featured women that I call heavy hitters in the kingdom of God. Hosted by Christine Caine, a few of the speakers were Sarah Jakes Roberts, Christy Wright, and Lisa Harper. These women equipped and empowered. Christy Wright’s podcasts have assisted me with building my vision and my brand. She is the founder of Business Boutique which teaches and inspires women entrepreneurs. Sarah Jakes Roberts wowed the audience, preaching why we should love Eve, as well as Mary and why we need more of Mary. Lisa Harper made sure we understood that the woman whom her accusers caught in the act of adultery was a woman who was not unlike us, by creating a modern day tale that brought the message home.

The conference was a God encounter and made an impact on my life. How do you remain connected to your faith? Without faith, it is impossible to carry out our dreams, considering that God is the Dreammaker. Sometimes we need to listen to some heavy hitters so that we can be heavy hitters in our businesses, careers, and family. Christine Caine reminded us to live in the now. Where we are now is here. When we are here, we are not there. And usually, when we are here we don’t know the in and outs of there. She never knew that at the age of forty that she would begin leading the most massive movement against human trafficking on the globe. She is an unlikely recipient of the Mother Theresa Award. Unlikely, according to man’s documents, but highly likely according to the Holy Document called the Bible.

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