I Can’t Keep Myself In the Box: Writing Freedom

It’s been a while since I blogged anything. Over a year for Eaglesmountediting.com. I keep thinking about what has kept me from blogging: not enough time, too many projects, just plain old life, pressure to meet a word count, and pressure to post a particular number of blogs. Well this time around I want to come out of the box. I don’t want deadlines and ultimatums. I don’t want subjects and topics to stick to. I don’t want a particular number of words or a certain amount of posts per week, per month. I don’t want to have write a certain style or have to stick to a particular genre. I just want to write. Freestyle it. Do what I feel. Write what’s in the heart. I have been waiting for the moment to finally get the desire again, the stamina again to write: to just write.

I am freeing myself from the box. Tonight, at 11:53 PM, I have freed myself from the chains of sleep to just write, to just blog. I don’t have a certain picture to post with this blog. I have no idea (something could or couldn’t come to mind). Freedom is everything! So Eagles, I dare you to be free: Free to live, free to write. Come out of the box!

If you are like me and have taken time off from writing, whether on purpose, or life circumstances, free yourself from the box. No longer let the box dictate your writing lifestyle. In my blog you may see poetry, short stories, writing tips, interviews, and guest writers. Whatever you read on this blog, freedom is the driver. Take this pledge with me: I pledge to stay of the box. I will let nothing, no one, not even myself box me in, put limits on me, chain my momentum, lock up my creativity, or block my writing heart. I am free! free! free!

I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to get back to writing. I dedicate this blog to you. Welcome to the NEW! Eaglesmountediting.com a.k.a. Writing Freedom!


This picture represents being free from the box. This is not a stock photo. There is no set stage. (messy closet in the background). Picture chosen at the last minute. Let’s roll with it and see what happens!

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Keep Myself In the Box: Writing Freedom”

  1. I know that this blog was to encourage writing, but it has motivated me to free myself from the box in other aspects of my life too! Beautiful pic 😘! Writing Freedom!

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