It’s Time to Recommit to That Book Project/How to Move Your Writing

I decided post from a book campaign that I did back in April, just to help you along with your book project recommitment.  This is for me too!

What moves life along? Conflict.  As soon as we get through one thing, there is always something else.  If we didn’t have a crisis, then we wouldn’t grow or change.  There is always some problem to solve or some unexpected event to face.  As an assistant principal each day I am faced with a new situation to address. It can be stressful, but it also makes the day move fast and deletes any boredom.  I have also grown tremendously.  Well, in your writing, conflict is what moves your story along, too. Your audience wants action.

For my fiction writers, as you develop your plot, think about what is happening to your main character or protagonist.  Imagine that your protagonist is climbing a mountain, but on the way up, there are many obstacles, and nothing gets easier, as a matter of fact, things get worse.  There may be at least three major disasters before you bring the protagonist gently back down the mountain.  Set the mountain climber in the way of a bear, or on the edge of a cliff, or on sliding rocks, but don’t forget to bring the action down and include a concluding finale.  In the words of Adele, “Let me down easy.”  Don’t forget that one of these disasters is the turning point or climax.  Readers will see your character make a major change or decision that will change her/him for the remainder of the story.

For my non-fiction writers, your development is similar.  You are proving a point and providing evidence for your thesis.  With every point you are proving, there is a problem that someone is facing.  You want to move the book along by identifying problems that your audience may have experienced, or will experience so that your points or solutions are valid.  It is important to create content that is relatable to your audience.

Happy Writing!

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