The word journey has always been an interesting word to me. The famous female abolitionist, Sojourner Truth comes to my mind. Her courageous journey led her to not only speak out against the atrocities of slavery but speak up for women’s rights.
The poem, ”The Road Not Taken, ” by Robert Frost also emerges from my grade school memory; I had to memorize and recite it, perfectly, in front of a classroom full of my peers. What’s so profound about ”journey, ” is that we all have a different one. We all arrive at different destinations at various times in our lives.

Have you ever said to yourselves, “I’m thirty-three, I should have conquered the world by now; Jesus did” First of all, Jesus was the Son of God. Although Jesus is the best example, we’re still only human. Failures and circumstances are stumbling blocks that hinder our paths. I once heard someone mention how scientists look at failure differently. They see it as a sign of progress. Failure eliminates the incorrect solution. The scientist then knows to try something else until their experiment works. We should take this as a mental note. Although we make plans for a cookie cutter life, life tends to get interesting by decisions we make or by what circumstances out of our complete control. Everything happens for a reason is an overrated phrase, but holds true. Do we always know the reasons? Sometimes we can figure it out when it’s our own doing, but in most cases, no.

Forget comparing yourself to others. So we didn’t get the house when we thought we should have. Especially when our best friend just purchased her dream home. They chose someone else for the job. All of your friends have jumped the broom, and you’re still haven’t found the right one. Disappointment is a teacher on your journey. And when appointment comes along, have we arrived? There is always another destination to arrive at. Once we arrive, though, how is our character? The disappointments prepare our character for the next destination. Whatever did not kill us, made us stronger. Strong for ourselves and strong for others.

So on your journey, let go of comparisons, use disappointment as a teacher of character, and remember to use your experiences to help others along the way.

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