Keeping A Planner Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Hey Eagles!

Happy Friday! Do you know that keeping a planner, whether digital or on paper, can help you reach your goals and move you towards your dreams? I keep a paper planner because I like to make tangible notes, create visuals, mind maps, and I just like the feel of paper. I am currently using the Passion Planner, but I have recently ordered the Living Well Planner by Ruth Soukup. I haven’t received it in the mail, but I have read about it and watched a few live videos. It’s important to choose a planner that you will love and use.

What I have learned about keeping a planner is that you have to refer to it. If you write things down and never go back to see what is next, then you are writing them down in vain. It’s similar to a grocery list. If I make a list before leaving for the grocery store, and I leave the list in the car, then I will probably forget some of the most important items that I needed to pick up. Writing in your planner will help you prepare for events, meet important people, and help keep you from missing appointments or even double booking. A planner equals data. The data of the day, the week, or the month will push you towards the goals you have made for this year. For example, if one of my goals is to strengthen my relationships, then I have to decide what that looks like and more likely then not, I will need to plan to spend more time with the persons or plan to do something special for them. Putting it down in my planner makes it intentional, and it will be more likely to happen if I make sure I reference the plan.

Over my Christmas break, I went to see Justice League. What I noticed is that the characters had to come up with a plan (although they didn’t all agree at once) to stop the enemy. Having a plan is better than flailing through life and accomplishing nothing. When you create a plan, at least you are bound to accomplish something. At the end of the day, month, week and year, you can say I slayed my goals!

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