Make Your Work Ethic Work For You

Have you ever decided that it is now time to put in work for you? Your career may be corporate, public, or private, but is it a career branded, built and designed as an outlet for your dreams, your callings, and your fulfillment? Is it possible that you could give the same consistency, integrity, and work ethic to accomplish some of the dreams that you have in your heart?

I learned a great deal of my work ethic from my grandmother. All summer, while my parents worked, I worked; inside my grandmother’s house and outside in her yard. We began outside with the watering of the flowers and the vegetable garden. On the inside, there were bacon, eggs, and coffee waiting for preparation and the folding of clothes would ensue soon after. There were times when we took curtains down, and once they were clean, we put them up again. Right after watching her fry smothered pork chops, gravy, and rice in the electric skillet for dinner, we were back outside watering or planting something. I knew what it meant to fetch this, and put this away to be consistent and persistent. You were not going to bed until the refrigerator and stove were spotless; you had to pass inspection. Somehow in between the chores I managed to play with friends, drink red kool-aid and eat bologna sandwiches.

The work ethic we have learned from parents, grandparents, and others, let’s use it for accomplishing our dreams. We can own our productivity. The creativity and innovation that we have used to build companies that are owned by someone else, it’s ours. So don’t be afraid to step out and make our dreams come true.

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