My Visit To The I AM WOMAN Business Network BizLive Night

I received a fantastic invite from my coach, Javacia Bowser (@seejavaciawrite), to attend the I AM Woman Business Network BizLive. I learned a little about networking from Yakinea Marie, President of I AM Woman Business Network: Don’t be a drive-by networker. At any networking opportunity, decide to meet and connect with at least two or three women, rather than giving your business card to ten women with no real attempt to get to know them.

Learning nuggets about building your brand through speaking is what I had anticipated most. Melva Tate, speaker, life coach, and Human Capital Strategist, gave the ladies ten gems on building your brand through speaking. I won’t share them all here, but to name a few: Know Thyself, Invest In Yourself, and Don’t Follow Fake People.

*Knowing yourself is vital when building a business. Now is the time to hone your God designed talents, gifts, and creativity; refuse to mimic others.

*We must not be afraid to invest in ourselves. Don’t back-up and hold tight to the bank account when you need a coach or mentor to help you create a professional, quality, and sustainable business; or, there is a tool that you need to present a brand that stands out.

*While searching for that coach or mentor, be wary of frauds and perpetrators. There are people out there who are pretending to be coaches and speakers but are just living in their heads, with no real experience or valid credentials. Be sure to vet those that you decide to follow.

Take these nuggets into consideration and while building your brand through speaking, consider creating a platform through writing.
Write your way to your dreams and visit to explore how I can help with your writing project.

by Harriette Thompkins

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