Purpose and Momentum

Hey Eagles,

We’re at the end of our second week in 2018. Let’s keep pushing! As we approach the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday, I am reminded that he is the perfect example of a man with a purpose. He knew his Why? He did not allow anything to steal his push forward, his momentum. When Dr. King came to my hometown, Birmingham, AL, he could have given up after he and his fellow protestors were beaten by water hoses and billy clubs and bitten and trampled by vicious police dogs. He was also jailed and wrote one of the most well-known letters in history, “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” He did not mope and complain about being jailed but used his imprisonment to speak to the world concerning justice and equality. He could have played it quits after the dreaded Bloody Sunday when people, black and white, were killed on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL. He did not. Dr. King became driven even more to fulfill his purpose.

We can commemorate, Dr. King, by thinking about our purpose. Our purpose directs where we go, and what we have to say when we get there. Our purpose helps us keep the momentum when, at times, we want to throw in the towel. Jeremiah 29:11, reminds us that our purpose gives us a hope and a future and it comes from God Himself because He is the one that knows the plans for our lives. So if you don’t know your purpose, take the time and go to the Source. There are inborn passions on the inside of you; you are wired a certain way for a reason. There are things that you love, or things that you can do that other people may not think about or have the passion to take on.

Once you have prayed about your purpose or your Why? and you have decided that this is what you have been called to do regardless of what others think and what people say, then you will speak to yourself when times are rough, “Don’t give up. I gotta keep pushing.” It’s only been two weeks, and you don’t know how many times I have wanted to give up on exercising and eating right, especially since I have not seen any changes on the scale. I have also had thoughts about not blogging, or giving up on my writing ritual, but something inside of me says, “No! You can do it! Just keep pushing.” Reviewing my vision and my goals, speaking affirmations, and looking at my vision board staring back at me are all huge tools that help me to remember my purpose, my Why? Plus, there is someone out there watching me, and someone is watching you. They are looking to see what happens next. Let’s be the example and finish strong.

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  1. So ON TIME because that voice inside your head will tell you one thing, while that voice in your spirit will tell you another; however I’m so glad that the spirit wins! As the saying goes, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh ia weak;” therefore, this too reminds me to go with my spirit because that is where my strength lies, as well as the power to tame the flesh (want to stop, procrastination, not in the mood, results not coming fast enough, etc.). As the word says, “Don’t be weary in well-doing, for you will reap the harvest if you faint not.” GOTTA PUSH PAST THE FEELINGS; they change like the weather.

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