The medal around my neck in the picture is a result of a challenge that I took at my gym to be the first to clock a half marathon by the end of April. I finished the half marathon within the first two weeks. What I learned about myself is that I chose what I thought I could complete first, but I didn’t quite challenge myself. Once I finished, the challenge was over. I know I could have PUSHED myself by completing the full marathon.
There are lots places in our lives where we could PUSH. At my gym, there is a zone called the orange zone. When you’re in the orange zone, it is uncomfortable, and this is called PUSH pace. A daily goal is to stay in the orange zone for at least 12 minutes. The orange zone is similar to hard spots in our lives. At some points in our lives, we can challenge ourselves by pushing through circumstances and situations that are uncomfortable to reach our goals. It’s not always comfortable for me to write my blogs or work on my book. Sometimes I would rather put everything off and start again another day, but I understand that if I never PUSH, I will never reach my goals.
Are we up for a challenge? Challenging ourselves doesn’t mean doing something that we know is easy. Challenging ourselves means getting uncomfortable. We may get some places sitting on easy, but will we become excellent in our comfort zones?
After winning the medal, I still had a heap of month left. I wished I had gone for the full marathon. We never want to come to a place in our lives where we have a bunch of “should of, could of, would of’s.” Let’s challenge ourselves by making the most of every situation. If you become uncomfortable, keep pushing. There is a recovery waiting for you on the other side, and you’ll be happy that you kept on PUSHING.

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