Reluctant Reasons

Reluctant Reasons

Why are we reluctant to step out on our dreams? In most cases, it amounts to fear. Fear of failure or even fear of success. I say fear of success, because if we succeed, then there are next steps to follow. Since we don’t know what those next steps are; we have a fear of the unknown. To be totally transparent, here is a list of my reluctant reasons:

*Not meeting my own deadline.
*Afraid of how others will react.
*Fear of not being accepted.
*Fear of saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing.
*Unsure of what’s next.
*Procrastination (fear of actually getting something done!).

Will these ever go away? Unfortunately, NO. Fear will show up, but we have to muster the courage to get passed it. I have heard bestselling authors, speakers, and bloggers say how they are still faced with some kind of fear. The key word here is face. We can stand face to face with fear itself and look it squarely in the eyes and tell it to step aside; here we come, we’re walking through. Wherever our accomplishments stand, fear will show up to the party, but we have to put it out.

  • Instead of fearing a deadline, make an appointment with yourself (sounds less intimidating).
  • Instead of being fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing, be human.
  • Instead of allowing next steps to scare you, see life as an adventure.
  • Instead of allowing indecisiveness to rule, master your decision and own it; but don’t be afraid to change when necessary.
  • Instead of putting everything off for another day, step out of your comfort zone and be glad you did it.
  • Instead of being afraid of how others will react, embrace what others have to offer.

When the waters of life seem too cold or too deep, step right on in. Don’t allow reluctant reasons to put the kibosh on your dreams.

What have you been reluctant about? Feel free to leave a comment. If you have been hesitant about your new writing project, reach out to me in an email. Maybe I can help. Email me at

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