My thoughts fall on the gratefulness of my heart, as Thanksgiving week is already here. I am especially thankful for my father. Recently, my father has battled chronic congestive heart failure. My sister and I have been caregivers for him since 2012 when he lost his left leg to diabetes. In March of this year, the doctor’s gave up on my father and sent him home with me on hospice. It’s funny how, though the news was devastating; my father revealed his strong faith when he stood up in his spirit and told the doctor’s that God has the final word. Indeed, through all of this, God has had the final word. In October of this year, my father was released from hospice. His body had not shown a further decline, and his heart has become a little stronger. As his faith would have it, and God’s grace and mercy, Dad is now in rehab learning to walk again, since the bed had taken all of his strength for nearly eight months.

After visiting with him this evening, I called him, routinely, to let him know I had made it home safely. I begin to thank the Father that I could still hear my father’s voice and we could talk about cooking, his friends, places, and experiences he has had in life (everyone who knows my father can agree that he loves to talk). My heart is glad.

I am thankful for my sister, who has made the sacrifice to work Baylor so that she can take care of Dad during the weekdays, while I work. God Bless You, My Sweet Sister!

I am thankful for all the memories I still have of my loved ones who can’t be here with me physically but are here in spirit.

This week and every week, be thankful. Take a little time and count your blessings.  What are you thankful for?

                          Dad and the grandkids on his 70th birthday.

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