The Greatest of These Is Love

On Friday Night, the girls (my first cousins and sister) and I had our yearly gathering which includes white chili chicken, the pulling of names for Christmas gifts, and lots of catching up. We also choose a charity to give to each year. This year we decided to donate gift shoe boxes to Samaritans Purse ( Samaritans Purse is a Christian organization that provides international relief. The gift shoe box is for a project called Operation Christmas Child. We purchased items such as toys and other items like toothbrushes to place in the shoe boxes.
While there are many organizations out there that need help, a good idea would be to choose one to give to and create a budget for giving. We usually pick an organization that we can donate to as a group; this may be easier than winging it alone. Giving does not always have to be monetary or even items; giving can be volunteering your time. I can remember volunteering time to Jimmie Hale Mission in Birmingham, AL, and The Red Door in Talladega, AL.
The holiday season is an easy time to give.  Many organizations launch giving campaigns.  Researching a particular organization may help you decide which one suits you better.

Whatever giving looks like to you, don’t forget to do just that.

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