This Is Alabama Women Who Shape The State Luncheon

While reading the Birmingham News (the actual paper), I came across an advertisement for an event called This Is Alabama Women Who Shape the State 2017. I became intrigued by the title and understood that the event would recognize 30 women who have had a significant amount of influence and impact on the state of Alabama. Intuition led me to support this event.
This top of the line event, held at The Club, contained all of the flairs that a women’s event should have. I met new people, and the food was delicious. The keynote speaker, Allison Black Cornelius, engaged the audience with facts from the McKinsey & Company studies on women in the workplace. It was a definite reminder of where women fall in regards to career opportunities. The studies show how women are underrepresented in larger companies and fall behind in receiving their first promotion as manager. The gulf widens even more for women of color. My ears perked up when I heard her say that more women of color are becoming entrepreneurs. So these seemly roadblocks or glass ceilings have pushed women of color to create limitless opportunities of their own.
When leaving the event, I prayed to God and asked Him in what way can I do more to pour out myself to help women and girls achieve their dreams, right here in Alabama.
To learn about the women honored at this event, read the Birmingham Magazine November 2017 issue.  Click the link below to read the Mckinsey & Company study on Women In the Workplace 2017. 

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