What Are We Doing to Keep Our Sanity?

I have to admit; it hasn’t been easy to keep my sanity around here lately. It has taken some particular concentration and a willingness to explore my most profound emotion. Times like these do not allow for living on the surface. With great pain comes gut-wrenching feelings that you must choose to address, even if it doesn’t necessarily come from a situation right in your own backyard.

So what are we doing to address our feelings, and how can we control our reactions? Here are a few ideas and examples of ways that I have pressed to keep my sanity:

1 Write. Writing this blog today helps me to create a time of reflection.

2 Do Something.

*I decided to renew my membership with the NAACP.
*I have also begun to Zoom in to city leadership talks and discussions concerning invoking change.
*In the Alabama Middle-Level Education Association, we are developing a framework to help schools become more biased sensitive.

3 Establish a Routine. My grandmother would say, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” God knows that the devil doesn’t need any more workshops to attend, and I refuse to make one for him. Prayer and meditation, exercise, and rest a few musts in my daily routines.

4 Have an outlet. I have tried a few outlets lately: brain games, digital coloring, and talking, and spending time with friends and family.

5 Address your feelings. If you need to journal, talk to someone, even if you feel the need to seek behavior counseling, feelings and emotions can not be held. Eventually, the pipe will burst, and there will be an explosion. Sometimes those explosions occur on others and result in regret. I have been journaling and talking to others who will listen and not judge. This week, I learned from my doctor that he and other general medical practices are beginning to establish comprehensive teams to assist patients in enduring stress and trauma with behavior help, exercise, and nutrition.

What are you doing to keep your sanity? What can you implement from the list? Leave a comment, even if it’s just to let me know how you’re doing.

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