What #Bloglikecrazy Has Done For Me

I heard about like crazy through SeeJaneWrite.com. I learned more about it at the WP Y’ALL Conference. The idea of #bloglikecrazy came from Javacia Harris Bowser of SeeJaneWrite. It begins in November. The goal is to blog every day for 30 days. I thought of excuses not to participate: I don’t have a blog site, what if I can’t keep up, what do I write about every day for 30 days! I pushed through the excuses and changed my website to a WordPress site, decided that I will keep up, and created a blog calendar. I created different topics to write about each day like Inspirational Sunday, Fiction Friday, and Grandma Where Is Your Grammar Wednesday’s. I am sure that one day these topics will work, but for this time, I blogged what I experienced, what I felt; I blogged about ways to help others to dream and reach their dreams through writing.

I have learned so much about me from this experience. I found my passion; I even picked up some dreams that I had put down. I have received support from others. Believe it or not, I have met new people and have even picked up a few clients along the way. I never knew that stepping into these waters would be so great!

What I like most of all is that I have had the opportunity to take others on my journey of learning growing, and dreaming through my blog. And the journey is just beginning!

We have only three more days of #bloglikecrazy! After this, I will be posting a weekly blog and launching a newsletter. Stay tuned!

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