What Is Your Why?

I have concluded, in my heart of hearts, my why for launching Eagles Mount Editing is to help ordinary people tell extraordinary stories. Many people desire to tell their story through writing books. I believe this because it is evident in conversations I have with people I know and the ones I meet every day. So many of them have a story to tell, and It will take more than one conversation to tell the story and all the lessons they have learned along the way. A book is a platform. It is one way to release yourself into the universe. Nothing can tell a story like a book. I have always been a big fan of the idea that the book is better than the movie. A book allows you to put the story out in its entirety, and not just snippets. It reveals what is hidden and gives its audience the power of thought and imagination.
Everyone has a story, but only the brave will write it in books. I am called to help the brave one in the birthing of their story.  Since I have this love to help others deliver their work to the world, when the nights are getting long and I am burning the candle at both ends, I can remember my why?  When there are days when I want to give up, I can say to myself, “This has to get out.  You have been chosen to help someone create history.”  I have to push through and help them deliver  this gift of themselves.

What is your why?  What keeps you dreaming big?  If you don’t know, explore your heart.  How are you helping someone else?  Why is your work important to the world?

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