Where Is Your Creative Space?

Where is the place that gets your creative juices going? The place where peace, sanity, and creativity exist simultaneously. I have found two areas where I concentrate best: the kitchen table and my patio. I have an office with a desk, but I feel isolated and have a hard time focusing in this place in my home.
The kitchen table is a familiar spot. The kitchen table is where I did homework as a child. I could spread everything out, and I didn’t feel isolated because someone would be preparing dinner or running through secretly peeking in pots. The kitchen table in my home is still close enough to the family room, but yet quiet enough to work. Sometimes I love to run an idea by a family member or a friend.┬áThe patio is my absolute favorite place to work, but the weather has to be just right. I love the way the sun feels on my skin; it brings about an absolute comfort. I can work for hours on end. I guess the key to my creative space is closeness and comfort. In these two places writing, reading, or creating crafts always comes easy for me.

Have you found your creative space? You must know yourself well enough to decide what place delivers the most efficient, creative, and productive you.

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