Why A Photo Shoot Can Be Important to Building Your Brand

Hey Eagles,

Happy Friday! Have you sat and thought about ways to get started with branding your business or your blog? A photo shoot can be one sure way to connect with your audience. I get more feedback from my Instagram than any of the other social media outlets. I noticed and noted that any post with my picture or me doing some activity, or some event always gets more response. Stock images are great, but your audience wants to connect with you. Looking at your image makes your brand more relatable.

So back in November, I started planning a photo shoot. In September, I met Temeka Carmel with Heart2Art Photography at Church of the Highlands ReCreate conference. So it was the perfect hookup! Marlicea Chavers with Marlicea Chavers Artistry is one of my sisters from the SeeJaneWrite Collective: she laid my makeup. My hair stylist, Kenya Ford is fantastic. So the only thing that I had left to focus on was a date and an outfit. Now some people decide to hire a wardrobe stylist (I will try this one day), but I found my outfit from New York and Company: An Eva Mendes piece. The date I chose to coordinate everything was December 9. The day after it snowed in Birmingham, AL. This made a few great pics with the little snow that was left. The experience was exhilarating! Of course, I had to learn to relax because this was my first ever photo shoot. We took some pics at a vintage coffee shop, downtown on the outside of a federal building, and a quint little garden near Pepper Place. Temeka did an excellent job with helping me to relax and smile with her fake laugh technique.
Throughout the year you’ll see my pics sprinkled throughout my blog. Think about your blog,¬†and/or your business. How do you think a photo shoot can complement your brand? And plan one! I think it will be worth it. I plan to do one at each turn of the season. I am excited about sharing them with you! One of my favorites is in this post.

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