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Hey Eagles! Happy Friday!

I wanted to take today’s blog and give you follow up on my novel writing. So far, I have 2,200 words. In order to meet my goal for my word count, I must have 3,250 words for the week. I am almost finished with chapter 1. My book subject is bullying, and it is fiction. I have been writing every day this week. So I am encouraging you to get started with your book. Don’t put it off any longer. Don’t worry about editing as you go. Just write. Maybe you don’t have a plan just yet. That’s ok. Just get started. You could probably think of many excuses not to get started with your book. I want to give you a few reasons why you should get started with your book:

1. Someone needs what you will write.
2. Your book is the only book that can offer something that uniquely comes from you.
3. You will feel accomplished.
4. You will have something out there in the world.
5. It will help you leave a legacy for your family.

Come write a book with me. I am challenging.  I will give you more updates soon.

2 thoughts on “Write a Book with Me”

  1. I have started writing, but need to finish my book. I have about 8 of the 10 chapters completed, it’s just difficult to get back motivated. I have to because a group wants to do a book signing for me in May. Praying that I finish soon. Thanks for your motivation and best wishes on your book as well.

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