Writing Can Create A Legacy

I put up my Christmas tree up today. Ask anyone; this is super early for me. Many of my ornaments represent something, some event, or some place of sentimental value. Some of these ornaments have been passed down from my mom and dad, and some of them are gifts. A few of them, my sister and I have had since we were children: a painted leaf from a Magnolia tree and a piece of cardboard with artificial feathers glued to it are ornaments we made in school. For the year of my sisters birth, my father collected the clear plastic Christmas ornament that came with the coffee. Memories live on in this tree.

As I thought about the tree, I thought about writing. Just as memories live on in this tree, memories live forever in our writing. There are places you have traveled far from home, or near in your heart.  There are events that have impacted your life, good and bad.  There are gifts in your life that keep on giving.  I want to challenge you to write your story, and let your story be a legacy for all that will come before you. Whether you write in a personal journal, in a blog, or author a book, write.

Writing can also be therapeutic, but remember which writing belongs where. What you write in a personal journal, may not be necessary to share publicly.

If you have been thinking of ways to leave behind an inheritance that lives on, consider writing your story.

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